WhoaZone at Whihala Beach is an inflatable on-water obstacle course that provides hours of high-energy fun for persons of all ages*.
Run. Jump. Slide. Bounce. Splash.

The WhoaZone at Whihala Beach is designed to ensure every guest has an amazing experience, and is the perfect attraction for those seeking over-the-top adventures, mind-blowing acrobatic thrills, and safe, yet fun, athletic challenges.

* Must be 7 years old, at least 45” tall, and a good swimmer.

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Four Different Levels of Challenge

WhoaZone at Whihala Beach offers four different routes with four different challenge levels – from easy to challenging. Every guest, be a first timer or a next-level expert, can easily find the perfect route to test their skill level.

  • Easy products to simply run over or relax on

  • Jumping Modules makes this level more challenging

  • Climbing and running obstacles make this perfect for more experienced users

  • MOST CHALLENGING. Level 4 contains our most difficult obstacles and challenges.

WhoaZone at Whihala Beach Features the Following Challenges, Obstacles, and Activities
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Test your endurance through climbing, jumping, crawling, and sliding. Test your balance, coordination and team building skills with this climber/slide.
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This slippery attraction makes it difficult to navigate and SO much fun! Climbing, running, or crawling… just find your best way to get across this unique challenge.
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An obstacle with bounce! Challenge your athletic ability and start a jumping contest to find out who can make the highest, farthest, coolest move.
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Go over, go under, or maybe try to run on the top. The hurdle creates endless excitement and truly tests your sure footedness.
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Balance, concentration & SKILL. This attraction’s narrow beam requires much more than speed.
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This is the heart of the WhoaZone, connecting endless routes in all directions, and lots of JUMPING FUN!
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Monkey Bars will test your strength and endurance as you swing and dangle from handles perched over open water.
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Put a little wiggle in your water. This attraction combines speed, strength, and agility for the ultimate balance challenge.
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Round and round you go. This attraction makes a great meeting spot, or circular speedway leading to other explorations.
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This classic shape is familiar to skate fans all over the world and lets you slip and slide your way through simple jumps and tricks.
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A mountain of an obstacle. You’ll need speed, strength and agility to get past this challenge --- or not!